Artist’s statement

My work has developed from paintings and mixed media, and has directly dealt with the polemics of a place, how to humanise it and its influence on our creativity.  I assert my identity as essentially part of and perhaps born out of those places.  We all want to feel that we belong to a social and cultural community, constantly longing for a feeling of attachment, rooted in a particular place with a sense of significant ownership of that place. My work is deeply influenced by these socio-political sentiments. Questions such as who we are are often intimately related to questions of where we are, so inextricably bound to defining our location in relation to self and other.
More recently my work began to engage with the search into the self. To achieve this I used the body as signifier. The work often shows threatened self-identity through the process of scrutiny and experimentation. The work deals with personal vulnerability and an experience of existential anxiety strongly associated with issues such as religion, nationalism, conflict and identity construction and looks for meaning not in the individual sign but in the context of exile and fragmentation.
My work touches on completely new creative surroundings with new physical freedom, away from the alienating materialistic and visual effects of my occupied homeland.  I study the place’s materialistic, psychological, aesthetic and meditational effects.  I believe that the human self is an essential part of this holistic system, regardless of its closeness or distance from a place.  I try to touch the inner state of the viewer by creating a state of chaos to get his or her psychological and emotional attention.  Through this inner confusion, the physical experience forces the viewer to reconsider the self and its relationship with its surroundings, dominated by division and exile, where “progress” seems to mean bloody destruction and enslavement of the human soul.




Bashar Alhroub is a Palestinian visual artist, currently living and working in Ramallah. Alhroub was born in Jerusalem in 1978 prior to spending his childhood in Hebron. In 2001 he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Al-Najah National University, Palestine. In 2008, he was awarded a fellowship from FORD Foundation to pursue an MFA. He completed his MFA in 2010 at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton in the UK. In 2012 Alhroub was awarded the first grand prize at the 14th Art Asian Biennial, Bangladesh.

Alhroub works with a variety of media including photography, video installation, and paintings. His work has directly dealt with the polemics of a place, how to humanise it and its influence on our creativity. His work is deeply influenced by the socio-political sentiments that assert his identity and desire to feel he belongs to a social and cultural community, constantly longing for a feeling of attachment, rooted in a particular place with a sense of significant ownership of that place. More recently Alhroub’s work began to engage with the search into the self, using the body as a signifier, his work often shows threatened self-identity through the process of scrutiny and experimentation. The work deals with personal vulnerability and the experience of existential anxiety strongly associated with issues such as religion, nationalism, conflict and identity construction and looks for meaning not in the individual sign but in the context of exile and fragmentation.

Alhroub has exhibited at various museums, biennales, and art venues including: Art Dubai, Dubai –UAE (2016); La Fontaine Center of Contemporary Art, Manama, Bahrain; Abu Dhabi Art fair, Abu Dhabi – UAE (2015); The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto- Canada (2015); Imperial War Museum, London- UK (2015); Frieze Art Fair, London- UK (2014); Krannert Art Museum, (2016); USA (2014); Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art- Jerusalem (2014); Gallery One, Ramallah- Palestine (2014); The Institution of Contemporary ICA, London (2013);  Gallery Mana, Istanbul- Turkey (2013); Eli and Edythe Broad Museum, USA (2012); 15th Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh (2012); The Barjeel Art Foundation, UAE (2012); Bag Art Exhibition, Norway (2012); Ali Ribelli Exhibition, Museo Del Brigantag, Italy (2012); Saison Vidéo 2012, France (2012); Instants Vidéo festival 24th Marseille, France (2011); Centre for Contemporary Art Lazania, Gdansk, Poland (2011); Green Art Gallery, Dubai (2010); Leaving Space, All Art Now festival (2010) ; The 17th International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca, Morocco (2010); The Mosaic Rooms, London (2008); the International Human Rights Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland (2006), among others.

Alhroub has also participated in several International artistes residencies and workshops such as Art Omi, New York (2014); Artist residency in Matters Factory Museum, Pittsburgh (2013); Delfina Foundation Residency, London (2012); Bag Art Camp Residency and workshop, Bergen, Norway (2012); “Shatna” International Artists Workshop, Jordan (2008).


Bashar Alhroub’s work is also included in a number of International collections and museums including the Imperial War Museum, London; Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah; Bengal National Gallery, Bangladesh; Birzeit University Museum collection, Palestine; Omi Art Center, New York; and Michael Abbate collection, New York; Bank of Palestne collection, Palestine; and in many other renowned private collections worldwide, such as Dr. Ramzi Dalloul’s collection.


Bashar Alhroub
Ramallah - Palestine


Born in Jerusalem , Palestine, in 1978
Lives and works in Ramallah,

He is lecturing in fine art& Design


2010 MFA, Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK.

2001 BA Fine Arts, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine.

2002-2003 Diploma in illustration and Childrens’ Book design.


Solo Exhibitions:

2016  “Nowhere- Silent Screen” La fontaine Center of Contemporary Art, Manama- Bahrain

2016  “Self maps” Sadika Art Space, Tunis – Tunisia

2015  “Silent Screen”, Gallery One, Ramallah- Palestine

2015    “Purgatory “ Em Alfahem Art Gallery – Em Alfahem

2014   ‘’Nowhere’’, Gallery One, Ramallah, Palestine.

2014   “Nature of Mind” Palestinian Art Court - al Hoash- Jerusalem

2013   “Nature of Mind” Khalil Sakakini cultural Center Gallery & French Cultural Center  

Gallery, Ramallah- Palestine.

2010“The Other Is Me” Winchester School of art, Winchester, UK
2010 “Reflective Consensuses”  Mosaic Rooms Gallery – London, UK.
2009  "Monologue", Al-Mahatta Gallery- Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Gaza, Palestine 
2005  "Sharqiyat", Al-Hallaj Gallery, Ramallah & the Peace Center, Bethlehem, Palestine.
2003  “Horizon”, A.M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, Palestine.


Group Exhibitions:


- Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

- Art Dubai Cinema, Dubai- AUE

The Identity of Palestinian Artists, Umm Al- fahem Art Gallery- Umm Al-fahem


- Palestine Memory and Contemporary Art, APAC, Assilah – Morocco

- Visions of War Above and Below, IWM Imperial War Museum- London

- The Aga Khan Museum's inaugural film season (January-April 2015), Aga Khan Museum,     Toronto – Canada.

Abu Dhabi Art fair Abu Dhabi, UAE

- Bahrain Art fair, Manama, Bahrin

- 28th Instant Video Festival- Marseille, France

- Passaging / Passages, Art-Lap Berlin, Germany

- Bridge to Palestine, Marc Hachim Galley – Beirut, Lebanon  

- Collective exhibition, Gallery One, Palestine

- Collective Exhibition Saidi bo Said Museum- Tunisia 



- " Instants Vidéofestival 27th”, Marseille, France

- 16 the Asian Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh

- Global Groove 1973/2012”, Krannert Art Museum, USA

-  (curated  by Paul Smith & Friends, Frieze Art Fair), London,UK.

- Jerusalem Show VII “Fractures”, Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art-Jerusalem

-  “Bridge to Palestine”, Marc Hachem Gallery & Beirut exhibitions center- Lebanon

- Collective exhibition, arts Omi, New York, USA

- Collective exhibition, Gallery one, Ramallah, Palestine.

- “Manifestations Of Letter”, Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery- Umm El-Fahem.

- Points of Departure, The Institute of Contemporary Arts  ICA, London - UK
- Points of Departure, Almahatta Gallery, Ramallah –Palestine
- Bodies That Matter, Gallery Mana, Istanbul- Turky  
- Landscaping  Social Practice , Bruce Gallery, Edinboro University- USA
Collective Exhibition , Gallery One- Ramallah- Palestine
- The International Arts Festival - Almhrus – Tunisa
- - Video Screening at Matters Factory Museum, Pittsburg- USA 


- “Global Groove 1973/2012” Eli and Edythe Broad Museum, USA
- 15th Asian Art Biennale, Dakah- Bangladesh
- Alienation, Barjeel Art Foundation, UAE
BETWEEN CONCRETE AND SILK, Khalil Sakakini cultural Center, Ramallah
"Alien Body”  Forum for New Arab Art, Art- Lab Berlin,  Berlin, German
Bag Art Exhibition, Bergen- Norway
The first Arab Film Festival ,Bari- Italy
Ali Ribelli  Exhibition , Museo Del Brigantag- Italy
Olive in Palestinian Art, Al Saraya Gallery, Nazareth
The Original Arab Spring- Palestine Rising, MICA Gallery - London
-   "Philastiniat" Art & Culture from Palestine, Milano - Italy
-   Saison Vidéo 2012- France
-    "GENTES" , The Cittadella Centre for Culture and   Arts, Gozo- Malta
-   Gaza's International Festival for Video Art 2012, Gaza


- “BETWEEN EBAL AND GERZIM” Cities Exhibition, Birzeit Ethnographic and Art   Museum - Palestine
- "Instants Vidéo festival 24th”, Marseille – France
"The Other”Sofia church, Stockholm-Sweden
Here & Now Center for Contemporary Art Lazania – Gdansk, Poland.
/si:n/ 2 Video art & performance festival - Palestine
Forth Back - Almahatta Gallery, Ramallah- Palestine

2010    - “Vitamin Sandnes” , Sandnes, Norway
            - “Borderlines. Deconstructing Exile”, Green Art Gallery,Dubai
           - “ Supernormal Festival” , Brazier, UK
           - “ Living Spaces” 2nd All art now festival, Damascus, Syria 
           -  “Creative Palestinian Art” SAWA Gallery, Dubai, UAE
           -  “17th International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca”, Morocco
           - “Beyond the Self” Dar Al-Kalima College
2009   - “DESMOND” winchester school of art Gallery - UK
           - An exhibition for the Palestinian  Artists , Oman
           - “outside inside” exhibition, Ramallah- Palestine 
           - “DDifferent Mood” exhibition, Orient Gallery, Amman- Jordan
           - White Night” French Consulate ،Jerusalem, Palestine
2008   - 'Occupied Space', The Mosaic Rooms London, UK
           - 'The Passport' Exhibition, Al-Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine.
              Dartalfnon, Amman, Jordan , Al Sharja- UAE
           - The Palestinian Cultural Week Exhibition, the occupied Golan, Syria.
           - An exhibition for the Palestinian Art - Damascus, Arab Cultural Capital,  
2007   - An exhibition for the Palestinian Art, Al-Rabat and Casablanca,
           - An exhibition for the Palestinian Art - Algiers, Arab Cultural Capital,  

2006   - International Human Rights Festival, Adenbra, Scotland.
           - An exhibition for the Palestinian Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway.
           - The Asian African Exhibition “Jaala”, Tokyo, Japan.
           - 'Behind the Wall' Exhibitions, Al-Jalil, Haifa, Nazareth.
2005   - 'Color from  Palestinian' exhibition, Dubai, UAE.
           - The Asian African Exhibition “Jaala”, Tokyo, Japan.
2004   - The Asian African Exhibition “Jaala”, Tokyo, Japan.
           - “Palestinian Colors”, Lebanese Ministry of Culture, Beirut, Lebanon
2003   - Al Hallaj Gallery opening Exhibition, Palestinian Artists League, Ramallah.
2001   - Participated in Al Sharja Biennale for Arab Youth, UAE
Workshops & Projects:

2015 Sadika Art Space Residency- Tunisia  

2015 AlMakan International artists symposium- Sidi bo Said- Tunis  

2014    Art Omi International Artists Residency – NY


2013    Artist Residency between Pittsburgh and New york, Matters Factory Museum and Art Up- US

2013    Art and Culture in Public Space, Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) &

2013    the Danish Agency for Culture, Copenhagen- Denmark

2013    Public art project, The International Arts Festival - Almhrus – Tunisa  


2012    Points of Departure Residency, Delfina Foundation and Art School Palestine, London,UK

2012    Bag Art Camp residency and workshop, Bergen- Norway

2012    Between Concrete and Silk project, Palestine, Denmark


2011    The International artists workshop, Almahatta- Palestine

2011    Public art Project, Altalbia Refugee Camp- Jordan

2011    Forth Back public art workshop- Almahatta Gallery – Palestine


2009    The International artists’ workshop, Almahatta- Palestine

2009    Outside inside public art workshop, Almahatta Gallery, Palestine

2009    Sean International Festival for video and performance- Palestine 

2008    The International Artists Workshop “Shatna”, Jordan.

2007    The International Artists Workshop “Braziers”, UK.

2004   The International Artist Workshop “Jifna Spring”, Jifna, Palestine.

2004    Al-Rabat International Festival, Morocco.

2001    The international Book Festival, Paris, France.


2016   Travel Grant, Palestine Ministry of Culture 

2015   Travel Grant, AM Qattan Foundation

2014     Francis Greenburger Fellowship for Mitigating Ethnic and Religious Conflict, USA

2014   Travel Grant, Palestine Ministry of Culture 

2013    Grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation “Investing in Professional Artists:The           Pittsburgh Region Artists Program”- USA

2013    Publication and Production grant for “Nature of Mind” exhibition and Book, French Cultural Center, Khalil Sakakini cultural Center and AM Qattan Foundation 

2013    Travel Grant, Safar Fund

2012   First Grant Prize at 15th Asian Art Biennale 2012, Dhaka- Bangladesh

2012    STEP beyond Travel Grants, European Cultural Foundation

2011    Production Grant, Danish Center for Culture and Development DCCD

2011    Travel Grant, Roberto Cimetta Fund

2011   Travel Grant, AM Qattan Foundation

2010    Production Grant, Winchester School of Art- University of Southampton

2008    Travel Grant, Safar Fund

2008    Fellowship Award to study MA Fine Art in UK, Ford Foundation


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