Trace, Time & Memorise 1, 2012

Photos taken in different abandoned houses, which was evacuated in several time periods; during Nakba, Naksa, and first and second Intifada. Some families left for economic reasons others were forced to leave due to political reasons.

They all left to start new memories in new places; they left their belongings and stories in houses that was full of life one day.

I did not know anything about them, except the time when they left, but the mirrors, the seats, the covers, the kitchen stuff, the curtains that are still hanged on the fainting walls. All of these as well as the walls were telling a lot only through drowning in their deep silence.

Dust, a crack in the walls, hazy paintings on the walls, and remaining furniture tells the story from a different dimension. Stories and lives that were in the place once upon a time.  I tried to cross to their remaining memories. To the time when Diaspora and immigration was the dominating style of their lives, until today. They carried their memories, and left part of it on the hope that one day they will come back to pick it up, this is the kind of life that is imposed by war and Diaspora.

In the photos, we see greaves, similar to houses that goes back to hundreds of years ago, we also see religious site, and a square used for rest fighters and merchant that passed by the region. 

In this work, I try to discuss the idea of  Impact, Time and Memories. Through showing the ability of these places and belongings to carry the memories as it once carried the human beings.