Martyr project, 2007


Random death everywhere, there is no security, at any moment, you are a potential martyr whether by the occupation or by random fate.

Between 2000 and 2007 during the second intifada a large number of martyrs fell as a result of the random murders, in which lots of people were

killed while simply trying to live their lives. Large numbers of posters started to appear on the walls of cities and villages. The designs were very similar and the identities of the individuals were hard to discern. Death became a transition from individual human life into an image – a passage from life to representation in a morbid form of celebratory.

As an intervention I designed and fly-posted more than a thousand ‘blank’ martyr posters (my own portrait without my features) around Ramallah. They caused many different reactions from anger to laughter to suspicious questioning from the authorities who wanted to know what group or forbidden organization I belonged to. Some people wrote their names on the blank face – who preferred to be an image than to continue the life they were living.