The Road Leads Me To … New York 2013

72 piece of Collage on Paper   

 each one35.2 x 28 cm


The project " The Road Leads Me To … New York 2013" is a continuation of the London project " The Road Leads Me To… London 2012".

   It was a daily visual diary that I did by collecting paper and scraps of public spaces and places that I visited during my stay. A transfer of the daily routine act out of its public context to the private one, through the scraps that I randomly collected on daily basis to become a part of a personal memory represented in a daily visual collage linked to an act, an act linked to time and place, to become diaries and keys to a memory somewhere. The project was also a daily reconstruction of self –identity through what I was exposed to; a combination of politics, society, religion, economy and sex… and their impact on the formation of self-identity.

   Where I worked on the visual diary with the addition of what was daily circulated by U.S. newspaper on the Middle East; a combination of self – experience and involvement in American culture and how the media of this culture deals, day by day, with the region from which I come; a combination of contradictions that I tried to focus on through this experience.