Gateway to Heaven

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    Signal channel projection,  4:46 minutes

    Edition of 5 1 AP

    To be a stateless refugee and to live that life as a recognized one, you are entitled, some day, to the right of return to your country. But to be a stateless that lives the life homelessness and asylum while you are devoid of all the documents that recognize you as a refugee, however, you dream to return to your home country, a dream passed from one generation to another yet getting stronger by time, this is hope.

    In every corner of the refugee camps they are talking about Palestine, about the lost Paradise, a never seen homeland, an image relayed to them by their parents and grandparents, an expanding image that has become the most beautiful in the eye of their minds... I'm from there, I come from that Paradise, and day by day I live the occupation, the confiscation of land, the oppression, the changing geography and daily humiliation. The image is much more beautiful and reality is worst. There, I cannot tell them the truth; I fled the camp looking for a way out for me and for them. I am still looking.

    This work was filmed in 2011 while I was at a working visit to one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Al-Talibiyyah camp.

    The camp is one of six "emergency" camps established in 1968 to host 5,000 people of the Palestinian refugees and expellees who left the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a result of the Arab-Israeli war in 1967.

    Today, this camp is inhabited by nearly 10, 000 refugees, half of them do not have residency status and are not recognized as refugees. Their living conditions are far worse than that in the picture, but they have hope.

    duration 4:46 minutes

    Attaba ‘threshold’

    HD video, 3mins 12secs

    Alhroub,s work strives to evoke a personal memory in a place where he holds no relation to, yet simulates stories of places he has had a personal relationship with. “I pose the memories and move them from the private space to public space and I share this space with others as memories of their own.”

    duration 3mins 12secs



    Video Installation



    This explores states of suspended animation – the liminal states of waiting, familiar to Palestinians at checkpoints or refugees waiting to return. But this is also a familiar existential experience. This suspended state is one in which ones place in the world becomes uncertain.

    duration 6.8 minute

    Beyond the self

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    Video Installation, 2010


    two screens


    duration Loop


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    stranger «strange indeed is the encounter with the other- whom we perceive by means of sight, hearing, smell, but do not» frame» within our consciousness. The other leaves us separate incoherent; even more so, he can make us feel what we are not in touch with our own feeling, that we reject them or, on the contrary, that we refuse to judge them- we feel «stupid,» we have «been had.”

    from Strangers To Ourselves by Julia Kristeva

    duration 4.07 minutes

    The Other Is Me

    Video Installation


    The foreigner lives within us: he is the hidden face of our identity, the space that wrecks our abode, the time in which understanding and affinity founder. The ‘foreigner’ then is something hidden in ourselves, something with the potential to destroy ‘home’ and something that is beyond ‘understanding’ or relations with each other

    duration 5,34 minutes


    Video Installation


    As a child, I used to come to this place with my father, which we called the Souk or market. It was always full of people, in spite of the Israeli soldiers hovering on the roofs above us. I used to watch them while holding onto my father, but they did not scare me because I felt protected by him. I have now gone back as an adult. The number of soldiers has increased; there are cameras everywhere; and the Israeli settlers have completely taken control of the rooftops. So that when I looked up, I am terrified and feel vulnerable. The place is now two conflicting spaces - the Souk and the rooftops - which are separated by netting that the settlers use as a rubbish dump, hanging over the heads of the Palestinian passers-by. And the Souk itself has been emptied of the clamor of the salesmen and of its shoppers. Now, there are only children and cats running around, and old people staring in despair at the shops that no longer carry goods.

    I am filled with fear and the sight pains me. So I secretly point my camera at this visual ruin that the occupier has attempted to impose here, in a place imbued with a bygone history.

    duration 4.47 minutes



    This work attempts to Measure the distance and try to find if there are different grasps into the self.

3.17 minute

    No Time No Place

    Video Installation


    This Film studies the relationship between the “human” with time, place and the mental confusion resulted by the rapid evolution of human life. Recently and particularly in contemporary cites the human serves the economic machine instead of it serving him. With this acceleration and daily routine, sometimes I feel that I’m losing the connection and the sense with both place and time. Life repeats it self each day and what happened yesterday is happening today and will happen tomorrow.

    This case has created a technical/mechanical relationship between human with place and time. This relation lacks the sense of humanity and the existence of time and place. Subsequently, the human psychology has been affected where people started even to shape the space, ghosts, phantoms, shadows and gel forms which do not have forms and dimensions in order to recognize them.

    This work attempts to study and grasp into the self to explore to what extent it has reached, and dives into the

    duration 3.7 minute

    The Gray Horizon

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    duration 1,37 Minutes